Evolution of an Athlete

Pivot and change by tapping into your best self
Saturday, April 15th

Presented by Cheri Cope, MS, CYT 500hr

The most powerful thing you can do as an athlete and human is have a rich connection to your purpose and values. As we transition through the different identities and roles that we play in life, having a foundational understanding of who we are and what is important to us will be our super power to handle any challenge that comes our way.

We are more than a sport; we are more than our identity as an athlete. What makes us special are the qualities that we bring to everything we do.

  • Identify your unique attributes.
  • Identify your top values and how they direct your purpose and goals in sport and life.
  • Finding your center – this is your superpower.
  • Learn practices to bring you back to center to create calm and focus on what is important.
  • How to deal with transition and change with determination and agility.


Inner Freedom! Freedom to choose, freedom to pivot, freedom to let go of the old and embrace and get curious/energized by the new.

FREE for HMC members
$5 for non-members

All proceeds from the event going to Fluffy Dog Rescue.

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