Gray Institute

The Gray Institute is the world’s foremost authority on Applied Functional Science (AFS). AFS is a scientifically sound strategy that links the most effective and efficient movement techniques to create one-of-a-kind results for people at any fitness level. Their mission is to improve the lives of others through functional movement. 

Harnessing the knowledge of The Gray Institute, Hartland Movement Center’s Master Trainer, Anita Krier, understands how safe movement unlocks a world of possibility. The body is capable of moving purposefully and powerfully, if you know how to train strategically. As a member and life-long learner of the Gray Institute, Anita understands how to assess each individual to understand their body’s capacity and how to help them move in a way that will increase their mobility, stability, strength and flexibility while decreasing their chance of acquiring an injury. 

Though anyone is welcome to use the Hartland Movement Center’s facilities, those who choose to meet with Anita and develop a Sports Performance or Movement strategy, will unlock the tools needed to master their movement. Having a mastery over your movement helps to better establish the why, how and what of movement– leading to improved overall performance at every level.