Hybrid Training

Working one-on-one with your personal trainer may be the most effective means to achieve your fitness goals. However that isn’t always possible. Schedule conflicts, travel and outside commitments can keep you from consistency. However with the aid of today’s technology your trainer is ready with a program developed specifically for you whenever you want.

Hartland Movement Center offers a Hybrid Training program that combines the hands-on benefits of working with your personal trainer and virtual training via phone app, allowing you to access the your trainer-developed programs, whenever or wherever you’d like.

The program kicks off with a phone conversation to discuss your medical and lifestyle history along with your fitness goals. Armed with this information your trainer will develop a work-out based on the information you provided. A one-on-one session is then scheduled to make sure you’re comfortable and for the trainer to establish sets and repetitions.

The trainer will then update your virtual training program which you will now be able to access through the Trainerize phone app. The program will include both written instructions for each exercise along with a brief video that demonstrates each exercise in your program. Through Trainerize your personal trainer will be able see when you’ve worked out and your progress to help you stay on track. You are also able to contact your trainer through the app whenever you need.

Hybrid training may be the best of both worlds:

  • Your trainer – your program
  • Where you want – when you want
  • Personalized, yet economical