Nutrition Strategy

The Hartland Movement Center offers comprehensive nutrition guidance for athletes looking to create a holistic strategy for their health and movement goals. Master Nutritionist and Wellness Practitioner, Elise Eaton, brings her 20+ years experience to our team, rounding out our services and providing expert, personalized service.

Our nutrition philosophy is simple: good nutrition and the biochemistry of high-density foods supports our efforts for healthy living and optimal movement. As with everything at Hartland Movement Center, nutrition plans are personalized to each individual, starting with an assessment. And, much like our movement and training strategies, success comes down to individual investment.

Elise enjoys working with athletes that are looking to improve their movement and performance by supporting their specific nutrition needs. With Elise’s guidance, and in collaboration with our other services, Hartland Movement Center athletes have all the tools and support they need to live and move optimally.

Meet the Team:

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