Para-Athlete Optimization

ANITA KRIER – Para-Athlete / Movement Specialist

Part of our mission at Hartland Movement Center is to help every person move optimally. When someone experiences a traumatic injury, their relationship with movement is forever altered. A new stage of life sets as they become accustomed to the new possibilities and limitations in their movement. Beyond the stages of adjustment and grief, there is an opportunity. Anita Krier helps athletes with spinal cord injuries find new and productive ways to move, train, and challenge themselves.

Our programming focuses on three fundamental strategies, in accordance with the Gray Institute:

  • Environment
  • Biology
  • Behavior

The majority of individuals with an SCI will use a wheelchair for their activities of daily living. It helps athletes develop a new set of fundamental skills related to their NEW environment. We start with reconnecting to physical activity after injury. We help athletes relearn how to engage muscle activity through resistance training.

The well-designed resistance training programs significantly improve muscle strength and endurance. It is essential that muscle groups be trained in movement patterns that stimulate 3-dimensional motor patterns– engaging the core, working on shoulder stability and mobility.

Anita understands that for para-athletes, training and engaging in movement is more than just about getting fit or improving performance. It’s about reinvesting in yourself and your new life. Self-motivation is the key to success. Having the heart to believe in yourself and step out courageously will help you push to the extent of your limits and beyond.

You have to think it before you can do it. The mind is what makes it all possible.
– Kai Greene