The HMC Team

Victoria Magnan

Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Victoria J Magnan, OTR, CKTP, CLT-LANA has been a practicing Occupational Therapist for nearly 30 years and has dedicated her career to the specialized treatment of acute and chronic swelling disorders. She founded Stay Strong Therapies, LLC, in 2009, providing evidence-based lymphedema treatment. Her extensive training and experience as a LANA (Lymphology Association of North America) certified lymphedema therapist afforded her to develop a comprehensive lymphedema treatment model within the combined wound and vascular setting. Certified as a compression fitter, kinesiotaping practitioner and Healthy Steps Instructor, Victoria provides clients with an integrated treatment experience.

As an educator, Victoria speaks nationally and is a published author on the combined treatment approach of lymphedema therapy in the wound care and vascular setting. She is passionate in educating health care providers with the gold standard of care for lymphedema treatment. Victoria’s comprehensive approach with lymphatic treatment and compression therapies in the wound and vascular setting, provides practitioners with consideration and tools for the client’s individualized needs.

Victoria has devoted her career to providing treatment and hope for those struggling with lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, wounds, lipedema and acute swelling issues. Her experience in working with connective tissue disorders, dysautonomia and lyme disease, allowed Victoria to expand her understanding of differential diagnosis, establish treatment protocols and empathetically work with the psycho-emotional components that develop with chronic conditions. By providing successful tools and client education, Victoria bridges the gap between therapy and compliance.