Fit over Fifty – What’s Happening to my Body and Where Can I go to Get it Back?

Whoa!  Have you ever said this to yourself?  You may be struggling with an energy shortage, a loss of strength and vitality to do everyday chores, or the inability to get up off the floor or for that matter, get down on the floor!  Welcome to the aging process.

This is Mark Peters and Karen Witkowski.  We are master personal trainers and athletes here at the Hartland Movement Center and have great news.  There is magic pill that will help – it’s called EXERCISE.

Join us over the next several weeks as we discuss in this blog the various ways that exercise can provide a variety of health benefits that extend beyond the obvious, including improvements in blood pressure, diabetes, lipid profile, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and neurocognitive function.

Below we have outlined topics that will be addressed as health benefits for aging adults participating in regular fitness activities and upholding an active lifestyle.

  • Fitness Improves Your Health, Reduces Hypertension and Promotes Longevity and Independence
  • Exercise Helps Manage Body Weight and Reduces Muscle Loss
  • Working Out Increases Bone Health and Strength
  • Staying Active Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Exercise Builds Positive Mental Health and Improves Your Social Wellness
  • Working Out Gives You More Energy and Focus and Promotes Better Sleep
  • Building Strength Prevents Falls

We look forward to sharing these insights with you.  Feel free to reach out to us here at the Hartland Movement Center (Contact Us or Call: 262-354-5825) if you have questions or would be interested in a training session.