Fit over Fifty – What’s Happening to my Body and Where Can I go to Get it Back?

Whoa!  Have you ever said this to yourself?  You may be struggling with an energy shortage, a loss of strength and vitality to do everyday chores, or the inability to get up off the floor or for that matter, get down on the floor!  Welcome to the aging process.

This is Mark Peters and Karen Witkowski.  We are master personal trainers and athletes here at the Hartland Movement Center and have great news.  There is magic pill that will help – it’s called EXERCISE.


How old am I really? The calendar says I just turned 66, but how I feel and what I can still do compared to my peers points to a much younger age. The calendar doesn’t lie, however, to get the full story we need to understand our biological age. Also known as our physiological or functional age, biological age differs from chronological age because it takes into consideration a number of factors other than just the day you were born.