Golf “Find your swing signature” with your Natural Body Preferences

Aurelien Van Stichelen, Head of Hartland Movement Center Golf Programs, Biomechanics Preferences Analyst, Strength and Movement Specialist

Today, let’s talk Natural Body Preferences with 2 fundamentals in GOLF. Over the past years, I have been studying, learning and then teaching a new method developed in Europe. We are all unique and possess inner strength waiting to be awaken. I have always been coaching strength and movement with this idea to let the body free from too much guiding and thinking. Therefore, when I discovered the Natural Body Preferences, it was evidence to me that I will be certified then teach, spread, and share it. 

To have a successful golf swing, you need speed, fluidity and balance. During this difficult motion, managing the front space is crucial, in your backswing, downswing, impact and finish. This is essential!

The worst thing that you can do for your swing is to fight your body. If you do, then you are in the wrong path.

Therefore, you need to learn your natural body preferences and how to take advantage of it. Golf is hard enough not to play in your strength.

Discover yours and increase your chances to play better in an effortless way. You are not looking for the perfect swing but for a swing that you can trust! There is not one best way to swing a club but your own way.

The loss of Balance is the #1 Swing Killer. Today, let’s talk about it.

THE NATURAL BALANCE. To stay in Balance, there are 2 options, the front, or the back space. You will likely visit both options in your life, but… you WILL develop a preference for one side. This is going to define your Balance preference. For each individual in good health, hips are naturally positioned either frontward or backward. This means that you will have a balance preference by controlling either the front space or the back space. This will have a huge incidence on how to set you up the perfect posture at address and to learn how to stay in balance through the whole sequence of your swing, which is crucial. Your foot won’t use the same pressure on the ground (more pronated or supinated), you won’t activate the same muscle chain (anterior or posterior muscles chain), your body angle will be different (more flexion or extension) etc… Thus, in our programs we say that those golfers will be either more “Aerial/Light” or more “Grounded”. Your posture at address is the first most important piece of your swing. If you are not properly set in your best profile, everything will start falling apart during your Backswing. Then, a tone of compensations will happen, leading to a poor ball contact.

Let’s take a look at those golfers below.



There are so much more to discover that could make a difference in your journey to a better golf game, for every level, beginner to scratch golfer. Next time, I will share preferences around Coordination/Rotation.

Stop guessing your game and start playing in your comfort zone.

At Hartland Movement center, once we define your Natural Body Preferences after our specific assessment, you start a unique program based on YOU. You will train around Movement, Strength, Flexibility. You will implement your “swing signature” on our Foresight Golf simulator. We will teach you how to play exactly in your profile to maximize your performance. Time to discover your preferences and book your full assessment today.