Movements Impact on Fitness

To be able to move freely and without pain or discomfort has a significant impact on our ability to become fit. At Hartland Movement Center we are practitioners of the Gray Institutes, Applied Functional Science (AFS) functional movement strategies and techniques. These scientific based principles enable us to assess your unique movement patterns and compensations which is critical when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind programs that will enable you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Understanding That You are Unique

Our assessment begins with getting to know you and your unique history as well as your objectives. We then walk you through a simple movement assessment where we identify your movement patterns. The combination of the two helps us to establish your “Threshold of Success”. Your unique Threshold is what you can do and is the starting point to progress you to what you need and want to do.

Personalized Workouts on the Fly

Once we’ve completed your program we apply the Gray’s Institutes, 10 Observational Essentials that are the fundamental variables and components that make up every human action and movement to every work out session. By adjusting the factors in the 10 Observational Essentials, we are able to create dynamic work-outs that mimic the activities that you want to achieve allowing us to increase the difficulty of the exercise when you’re progressing, modify an exercise when you might be struggling or to accommodate pain.

Training You for Success

We are certified Movement Specialists and Personal Trainers that understand that your work-out program design and assessment are a constantly evolving, dynamic, interconnected process. As you progress, your program should as well. The techniques and strategies of Applied Functional Science provide us the tools to modify your program on a daily basis depending on how you’re moving and feeling.

Every client is a unique individual and their program should be as well so that your training is specifically focused on your success.