WHY GO INDOOR? By Cheryl Sinitz, Cycling Instructor at Hartland Movement Center. 

Indoor cycling has benefits for all riders, not just elite athletes or racers. Sometimes getting “faster” is about fitness, weight loss, event preparation, and addressing strengths and weaknesses in our cycling. Having a structured indoor workout is the most time-efficient means to achieve your goals.


by Linda Gilson, Pilates Instructor at Hartland Movement center.

When it comes to exercise, it goes without saying that riding your bike is a cyclist’s fitness passion. There are, however, big benefits for cyclists that make the time to incorporate alternative workouts off the bike, such as Pilates, into their regular routines.


 My name is Ian Jensen, and my passion for martial arts began at a young age although my formal training did not begin I was an adult.  Since that time, I have achieved a 5th Dan in Taekwondo, 1st Dan in Hapkido, and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I remain active in both training and in competition which I believe to be an important part of refining skills and continued improvement.  I have also earned certifications as a Stick Mobility Instructor, Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Club bell Yoga Instructor, and USCCA Defensive Pistol Instructor.  One lesson learned is that it is never too late to begin your self-improvement journey!


How old am I really? The calendar says I just turned 66, but how I feel and what I can still do compared to my peers points to a much younger age. The calendar doesn’t lie, however, to get the full story we need to understand our biological age. Also known as our physiological or functional age, biological age differs from chronological age because it takes into consideration a number of factors other than just the day you were born.


My name is Aurelien, but everyone calls me “Aure.” Much easier for Americans…Right? I am a Fitness Coach, Sports Conditioning Specialist at Hartland Movement Center. Today, I would like to introduce you to the field of Biomechanics Preferences. This European Science-based method is a way to analyze and train people becoming increasingly popular among sports professionals. While this approach is still unique in the USA, I firmly believe it is the future of training.